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EXCLUSIVE TO THE UK! The best Liebfrauenstif wine, from the best vines. The original Liebfrauenmilch, this is so much better than any you've had.

Rheinhessen, Germany
13% ABV.
100% Riesling


Price includes VAT

Limtited stock. Only 12 bottles available. 

Exclusive to the UK!

Tasting notes:

Complex and voluminous aromas of sun ripened peaches and fine citrus. Overwhelming abundance of taste and concentration on the palate with a hint of minerals and an endless finish.

Residual sugar: 2.5 g/l

Acidity: 7.7 g/l

About the wine:

Only the best grapes from the best vines are used for the Liebfrauenstift-Kirchenstuck,  from the vineyards around the Liebfrauenkirche in Worms. The soils are a mix of gravel and loess. 

The grapes are carefully harvested at the optimum ripeness before sorting, gentle pressing and temperature controlled fermentation. 

About the producer:

Right in the centre of the German city of Worms, ancient brick walls shelter a piece of living history. This is where, around the former Monastery of Our Lady (Liebfrauenstift), vines have been growing for five hundred years.

However the Estate has the dubious reputation as the birthplace of Liebfraumich (Beloved Lady's Milk). The German export phenomenon was one of the main drivers in killing the German wine trade in the UK. But Liebfraumich is so far removed from the exceptional wines of Liebfrauenstift that there is no comparison.

The situtation is similar to that of Cheddar Cheese, a hard cheese orginally from Somerset, that became so popular it was made everyhwere under the Cheddar name, becoming the generic term fro any hard cheddar style cheese. But the original Cheddar fought back, reclaiming its quality and origin, acquiring a PDO (protected designation of origin) status for West Country Farmhouse Cheddar in 1996. 

So it is with the single vineyard of Liebfrauenstift-Kirchenstuck in Worms, Rheinhessen. This small vineyard, with a heritage of vine cultivation going back half a millennium, was the birthplace of what become known as Liebfraumilch. It is now fighting to restore its reputation.

Food match:

This is a Special wine and should be opened for Special events. Big dinners, second dates and celebrations. Ideally, open it with new in-laws and a big roast Chicken. 

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