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Wonderfully rich pudding wine with proper botrytis characteristics at a cracking price.

Casablanca Valley, Chile
12% ABV.
100% Sauvignon Blanc


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Tasting notes:

Rich golden colour with a nose of quince, jasmine and marmalade. The palate is sweet with flavours of papaya, honey, magnolia and crystallised orange and lemon. The finish is fresh and complex.

About the wine:

The grapes for the Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc come the El Ensueno vinayrd in the Casablanca Valley in Chile. The 2015 harvest was affected by morning mists, allowing the gradual development of the Botrytis Cinerea (Noble Rot). This is a rare phenomenon in this area, so the Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc is only produced in years when these conditions occur.

The harvesting of the grapes is done manually, initally selecting whole clusters affected by the rot, before a second pass harvest only selected berries affected. The grapes are gently pressed and the must is then racked off the skins into French oak for fermentation for. The wine then spends a year in the oak casks ageing before bottling and release. 

About the producer:

Morandé was the pioneer of the Casablanca Valley, where Pablo Morandé was the first to discover the unique attributes of the climate and soil. Today Pablo Morandé continues to be involved with the ultra-premium ‘House of Morandé’ and ‘Golden Harvest’ wines, whilst Ricardo Baettig is now responsible for the rest of the Morandé portfolio.

Morandé produce four distinct ranges – entry level wines that are lively and approachable, through to premium, interesting, creative wines with true varietal characteristics.  

Morandé constantly seek innovative techniques, such as high-density planting, hitherto unknown in Chile. This method triples the quantity of vines planted compared to a conventional vineyard, which creates competition between the plants and limits their growth. Overall, the same number of kilos per hectare is obtained but a higher quality grape is achieved.

Morandé hold strong ethical values manifested in their judicious use of water in irrigation, good agricultural practices and strong social responsibility.

The constant desire to find areas that best suit each grape variety has led Morandé to diversify their vineyards between different valleys and therefore each wine comes from a specific, single valley.

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