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Incredibly good, handcrafted and very local. This is a lovely Gin, with amazing complexity and depth. Beautiful packaging too.

Cirencester, England
47% ABV.


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Tasting notes:

Organic blood orange, flowers, spice, berries, pine, drying resins and sweetness fill the mouth. Rich and unbelievably complex, it transcends expectations of a gin.

About the Gin:

The Garden Tiger Gin is made with the utmost care and attention. 

This attention to detail is reflected in the demands they make in the ingredients for Garden Tiger gin, whether cultivated, wild or grown in their own gardens. With solid days of extracting the fresh zest from organic blood oranges, rejecting the cheap but lifeless dried peel used by most, through to the gentle hand sorting of flowers picked from the tall candles of mullein plants.

Hard spices, berries and herbs are soaked in our neutral British wheat spirit for 40 hours. They then suspend fresh blood orange zest and a rich mix of flowers and fragrant leaves above the liquid, their aroma gently extracted by the rising steam. 34 ingredients in all come together in a slow 7 hour, carefully guided, distillation.

It creates a sum much greater than its parts.

About the Producer:

The Garden Tiger is made by the Capreolus Distillery just outside Cirencester. Established by Barney Wilczak as a small, hands on distillery, Careolus is able to make exceptional quality spirits in its custom made still, with only the finest ingrediants and meticulous care. 

This meticulous care is further respresented in the packaging. Designed by Barney's father and brother, with the label printed on a hand fed letterpress by Barney's partners father. 

Everything is done by hand; the making, the packaging and bottling to endure only the very best product for the end consumer. 

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