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A lovely new wine from the South of France. Soft, juicy and very tasty with a cracking label too.

Languedoc & South West France
12.5% ABV
90% Grenache Noir, 10% Malbec


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Tasting notes:

The Felicette Noir bright red colour with purplish reflections.

It has a powerful nose of violets and bright red fruits and a delicious palate, with fresh raspberry, strawberry and darker plum. Medium-bodied in the mouth, this wine is quite soft, with subtle acididty and a juicy lingering finish. 

About the wine:

The vineyards are planted on three plains and foothills in the south of France, between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea. The area benefits from two distinctive climates that allow the production of a large diversity and styles of wines: the Mediterranean climate for ripe and juicy wines and the Atlantic climate around Carcassonne for more structured and mineral wines. 

The grapes are machine harvested, destemmed and go through different processes to ensure maximum colour and fruit extraction. Some are gently heated to get a beautiful dark red colour and some are cold fermented to get the best possible varietal fruit extraction.

The fermentation is then conducted at a controlled temperature with gentle pumping overs to extract only the better tannins. The different pressings are then blended before Christmas and are aged in stainless steel tank to preserve fruit and round tannins.

About the producer:

It is often said that there are more people who have travelled to space than there are Masters of Wine, and while that may be very true, there are many more MW's than there are cosmic cats. In a uniquely Gallic surge of innovation, 1963 witnessed France entering the feline space race via a cat named Félicette.

Now immortalised on a wine that pays homage to those that think outside the box, Felicette is for all those who dream to be a little different.

The range consists of two wines, an elegant supple, succulent and aromatic Grenache Rouge, and a mineral, crisp, fresh and almond like Grenache Blanc, both IGP Pays d'Oc and indigenous to the region. Both have been carefully crafted to be subtle, sassy and food friendly.

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