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Best of both worlds? Vintage port but with some barrel ageing. This is deep, rich, unctuous and lovely. Bottled in 2015.

2010 (bottled in 2015)
20% ABV.
Traditional Port blend of grapes


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Tasting notes:

The Tawny 2010 Late Bottled Vintage port is a deep, dark ruby colour with a very slight brown tint. 

The nose is rich with dark berry fruit, blackberry, cherry, and lighter raspberry. Throughout the nose, there is a lovely note of stewed red fruits too. 

The palate is full bodied, sweet and warming. There is plenty of dark berry frutis, particularly blackberry, with lots of spice, fresh acidity and a lovely touch of vanilla and caramel. The palate lingers long on the finish.

About the port:

After harvesting and fermentation, neutral grape spirit is added to the wine. This halts fermentation, increases the alcohol content and leaves a significant amount of residual sugar, hence the sweetness.

The port is then aged for between 4 and 6 years in oak barrels (in this instance the port was bottled in 2015 fter 5 years in barrel), maturing and taking on the some of caremelized characteristics of a tawny at the same time as preserving the rich fruitiness of a vintage port. 


About the producer:

The company was established in the Douro in 1862 by the Portuguese family, Correa Ribeiro. The name was then changed in 1957 to the now C. da Silva when Mr Clemente da Silva received the company through marriage.

The company is dedicated to perfecting the art of production of  the finest port, through careful selection of the best wines in each vintage. 

During the ageing process, careful monitoring of quality takes place by highly skilled winemakers in modern, technologically advanced laboratories.

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