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A lovely wine from a new Sardinian Winery. This is everything one might want from a red wine. Powerful, balanced, complex and satisfying.

14% ABV.
100% Carignan


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Tasting notes:

The Buio Buio is a deep ruby red colour with a hint of black in the core. 

The nose is a lovely mix of sweet red berries and redcurrant countered by savoury balsamic notes with slight spice and pine resin.

The palate is very impressive. It is rich, long lasting and full or black and red fruits, a slightly earthy spicy note throughout with well balanced structure. The finish is long and sumptuous, giving a satisfying wine with great texture. 

About the wine:

The grapes are grown in the Sulcis area on the south-western tip of Sardinia. The climate here is Mediterranean with low rainfall distributed sporadically throughout the year, but usually falling almost entirely in autumn and winter. Frequent north-westerly winds, high temperatures in spring and summer, a mild autumn with winters which vary from dry and cold through to relatively mild.

Soils are naturally sandy and chalky-clay, sub-alkaline, of a rocky, schistous character and medium textured, with moderate nutrient levels and good levels of minerals adding a distinctive character to the resulting wines.

The vines are espalier trained and spur-cordon pruned with yields around 35 hectolitres per hectare.The grapes were hand-picked then vinified with maceration on the skins at 26-28°C for at least 10-12 days. Upon completion of malolactic, it spends a minimum of 10 months in second and third passage French oak barriques, followed by a minimum four months in bottle.  

About the producer:

Cantina Mesa is the brainchild of Gavino Sanna, a Sardinian who has lived in Milan for the past 50 years, where he built up one of Italy’s most successful advertising agencies. On a whim, he decided to sell the agency and seek new challenges.

One of these challenges was the creation of a winery in Sulcis in southwestern Sardinia. As might be expected from someone with Sanna’s background, the labels are striking. He has also ensured that the contents are equally striking. Stefano Cova, a young winemaker from Trentino, took over with the 2008

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